Designed by Arboreous, Made For You.

Our collections are totally bespoke. You choose the size and design, the finish (unpainted/painted), 
and the colour from one of the finishes below* - we can even include a succulent/cacti/airplant/fern** with your planter.

We currently hold stock in the following Farrow & Ball* colours:

Stone Blue      Railings      London Clay      London Stone

Manor House Grey      Yellow Cake      Moles Breath      Rectory Red

All White      Elephants Breath      Card Room Green      Book Room Red

We currently hold stock in the following The Little Greene Paint Company* colours:

Loft White      James      Juniper Ash

We currently hold stock in the following Neptunes* colours:

Shell      Fog      Mist      Shingle      Dove Grey

Your collection in these colours can normally be dispatched in 3-4 business working days, If you require your collection to be finished in another paint colour choice, then please allow up to 10 working days for dispatch.

*For large commercial commissions, we will finish our products from the range of most paint companies.

**Ferns are only available with the Large & X-Large planters.



Indoor planters & candle holders, hand cast in concrete in our studio in rural Suffolk, & finished in one of the paint colours listed* (or can be left unpainted for the natural stone-look).

The concrete we use is, on its own, water-proof and stain-resistant (and frost-proof), and along with the 3 coats of paint we give to each product, makes them doubly water-proof and stain-resistant!!

All the products are unique

Our concrete products are hand cast in our studio in rural Suffolk, England. 
During the process of casting, small bubbles of air may become trapped in
the moulds, these are sometimes visible in the finished products, but are
considered to be characteristic in the tradition of hand casting.


We are pleased (& proud) to be using totally non-toxic concrete and paint in all our products. Even the foam protector pads on the bases of our products are non-toxic. The soil and soil toppers are organic. 
The wax we use in our candles is sourced from EcoSoya and is guaranteed to be:

  • 100% Plant Based
  • All Natural
  • Renewable and Biodegradable
  • Free of Pesticide and Herbicide residue
  • Free of genetically modified material
  • Friendly to animals, no testing
  • No petroleum products
  • No animal products
  • No insect products

Your collection is for life!

If you change the décor in your home and need the colour of your collection to also change, please return to us and we will refinish in one of the available colours of your choice (prices from £4.99 + p&p).

When your candle has burnt the last drop of wax, then either re-use as a planter, or return to us and we will refill with EcoSoya wax (prices from £5.99 + p&p).

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